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Light of Light, Enlighten Me

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The text of this work is in the public domain. The music is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License:

The text is by Benjamin Schmolck (1731), translated by Catherine Winkworth (1863). I took out the original verse 3, but you can put it back in if you want!

1. Light of light, enlighten me,
now anew the day is dawning;
sun of grace, the shadows flee;
brighten thou my Sabbath morning;
with thy joyous sunshine blest,
happy is my day of rest.

2. Fount of all our joy and peace,
to thy living waters lead me;
thou from earth my soul release,
and with grace and mercy feed me;
bless thy Word, that it may prove
rich in fruits that thou dost love.

3. Let me with my heart today,
"Holy, holy, holy" singing,
rapt awhile from earth away,
all my soul to thee up-springing,
have a foretaste inly giv'n
how they worship thee in heav'n.

4. Hence all care, all vanity,
for the day to God is holy;
come, thou glorious Majesty,
deign to fill this temple lowly;
naught today my soul shall move,
simply resting in thy love.

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