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Lamp of My Feet

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The text of this work is in the public domain. The music is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License:

The text is by the prolific 19th-century American hymn writer Fanny Crosby.

1. Lamp of my feet, Thy guidance lend,
Walk by my side, my path attend;
Led by thy hand I cannot stray,
Lamp of my feet, my Life, my Way!

Lamp of my feet, Light of my path!
Lead, oh, lead Thou me;
Star of my soul, guide and control,
Lead me nearer Thee.

2. Light of my path, illume my soul,
Help me thy glories to extol;
Fill me with peace like that above,
Light of my soul, Celestial Dove! (Refrain)

3. Star of my soul, within me shine,
Fill me with beams of joy divine;
Let me Thy faithful servant be,
Star of my soul, oh, lead thou me! (Refrain)

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